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FRUTI komerc

FRUTI komerc

Company FRUTI-KOMERC, Ltd, was founded in 1990. Kruševac, Serbia. Primary production of the company are rose plants, fruit plants and vine grafts. These products are sold in 30 countries in Europe and also in Asia and Africa.

The ideal combination of modern technology in production of planting material and tradition which considers more than 50 years of experience in production of planting material, products of our company are top quality plants. Modern design and top quqlity plants are recogniyed by our customers all aroynd the world, but also from the experts in this area, so they give to our product large number of golden medals.

The nursery takes more than 100 hectares of ground, ona a several carefully chosen location in Serbia. Planting material from the nurseries goes directly to the refrigerated warehouse of the large capacity, where we keep them all before packing and selling. The package room is right next to the refrigerated warehouses.

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