The Compact Stella sweet cherry variety was created in America. This variety was created from the Stella variety. Scalps of cultivar Stella with dormant buds were exposed to X-rays at Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York. After that, the buds were used for grafting and obtaining some changes in characteristics compared to the original variety. This is how the Compact stella variety was obtained, which differs from the Stella variety only in its lushness, which is 30% less compared to the Stella variety


Stablo The variety is not vigorous. It gives crops regularly and gives very high yields
Oprašivanje Self-fertile
Sazrevanje Second half of June
Plod The fruit is very large (11 g), heart-shaped. The skin is red.
Ukus The meat is medium firm, moderately crispy, juicy and tasty
Podloga We produce fruit sweet cherry seedlings on the following bases: Prunus mahaleb, wild cherry (Prunus avium), colt