Plum is considered a national fruit species. It is a national brand. Serbia is extremely famous for the production of edible plums, prunes, the production of jams and, of course, plum brandy, i.e. sljivovica. The most widespread variety used to be in Serbia was Pozegača. Pozegača is one of the best plums for making jam and brandy, but also for drying. Unfortunately, this variety was abandoned due to its intolerance to the Plum pox virus.

The plum comes from Asia. It has been cultivated in our area since ancient times. It is not very demanding in terms of environmental conditions.

The standard spacing for planting plum seedlings is 5.00-6.00 m x 4.00 – 5.00 m in a row. The planting distance can be even smaller in a row, for example 2 to 1m, but then stronger pruning is necessaryOur plum seedlings are produced and grown in our nursery. The starting material, bud grafts and rootstocks, for the production of plum seedlings, we use from our mother plants, which were planted from plum seedlings of the base category. The basic planting material is from leading institutes from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. The mother plants are elongated in locations that have spatial isolation, as well as in specially protected areas, so-called nets that are protected with anti-insect nets. Thanks to this fact, we produce plum seedlings of the certified category and for seedlings we have all the certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia.

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