Apple is a fruit species that is one of the most popular for cultivation in our region.

Due to the nutritional value of the fruit, as well as the possibility of storing it for a longer period of time, the apple is one of the most popular fruit species in the world.

The apple originates from Asia, where 23 of the 33 existing apple species are distributed. Today’s apple production mostly takes place in modern orchards with a large number of plants per hectare. The production technique has advanced a lot and includes irrigation and optimal fertilization, pruning techniques and modern cultivation forms, as well as new varieties and their clones. The goal of creating new varieties is to obtain varieties that are more resistant to diseases and pests, increase yield, improve the appearance of the fruit as well as organoleptic properties.

The spacing of planting apple seedlings mostly depends on the substrate used. We graft the apple seedlings that we produce on apple rootstocks M 9, M 9 T 337, M 9 T 339, M 26, M 26 sel.NAKB, MM 106, MM 106 sel.9a. On less vigorous  rootstocks planting distance is  1-4 m x 0.8-1.30 m. You can also plant spur types of apples on a vigorous rootstocks such as MM 106 more densely. For normal varieties on the apple substrate M 26 and MM 106, the planting distance must be increased.

Our apple seedlings are produced and grown in our nursery. We use the starting material, bud grafts and rootstocks for the production of apple seedlings from our mother plants, which were lpanted from apple seedlings of the basic category. The basic planting material is from the leading institutes from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Thanks to this fact, we produce apple seedlings of the certified category and for seedlings we have all the certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia.

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