Quince is one of the rare fruit species that is mainly intended for processing. It is of the greatest importance in the production of alcoholic beverages, ie brandy. Quince brandy, ie. Quince is one of the most prized fruit brandies. Quince fruits are in short supply on the market, but a large number of quince plantations have been raised in recent years.

Quince originates from the area around the Caspian Sea, from where it spread across Persia to Asia, and somewhat later to Europe.We produce quince seedlings on different substrates. From the bases for the production of quince seedlings, we use quince MA and quince BA29. Planting quince seedlings is done at a distance of 4.00-5.00 m x 3.00 – 4.00 m.

Our quince seedlings are produced and grown in our nursery. The starting material, coil buds and rootstocks, for the production of quince seedlings comes from our parent plantations, which are founded from quince seedlings of the base category. The basic planting material is from leading institutes from the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. The parent plantations are elongated in locations that have spatial isolation, as well as in specially protected areas, the so-called retinas that are protected with anti-insect nets. Thanks to this fact, we produce quince seedlings of the certified category and for seedlings we have all the certificates issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia.

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