Synonyms: Skadarka, Branicevka, Mekis, Gamza, Torok szolo

The variety Kadaka originates from the Balkans, most likely from the vicinity of Lake Skadar. Thanks to its positive characteristics, it has spread to the entire Balkan area. It is grown in Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and in our country.



Stablo The tree is vigorous with upright shoots.
Oprašivanje Self-fertile
Sazrevanje III epoch (October)
Plod The cluster is medium-sized, 200 g, compact, cylindrical, often with a wing. The berries are medium-sized, round, bluish-black in color, and greenish in the shade. It has a thin skin, rich in juice with a pleasant smell.
Ukus Kadarka gives a characteristic, aromatic, slightly colored red. In good years it produces excellent red wine.
Podloga Vine grafts we produce on the rootstocks: B X R kober 5bb and B x R kober 5bb Gm 13-45-5