Synonyms: mushmulja, beskole, bestula, masinjaca, nespa English: medlar Botanical name: Mespilus Germanica Flowering period: Late spring Habitus: 6×8 m Light: full sun to slightly shaded place Cultivation Difficulty: Easy Medlar can be classified as a so-called organic fruit. Problems with… Detaljnije

Spring pruning of roses

Rose pruning can be divided into spring and summer rose pruning. Pruning roses is one of the most important works of rose care. Spring pruning of roses is done from the beginning of March to mid-April, and summer pruning during… Detaljnije

Summer pruning of roses

Pruning roses in the summer, ie. during the vegetation phase, it is watered several times. The most important thing is to remove overgrown parts. This encourages the plant to bloom again. The flowers should be removed immediately after flowering in… Detaljnije


Sweet, juicy, aromatic…yes, it’s a pear. Different pear varieties ripen from June until winter. From Junska lepotica, through Butira Precce Morettini or Santa Maria, Le Cure and Williams, to Passe Crassane, each one is similar, yet so beautiful and different.… Detaljnije


Plums are very easy to grow and maintain. They give crops regularly and plenty. They can be used both fresh for eating and for making marmalades, jams, cakes and brandy. In our assortment you can find a lot of varieties… Detaljnije


Apple is a fruit species that is one of the most popular for cultivation in our region. Most likely, you already have an apple tree planted in your yard, but you can always plant a new seedling, i.e. a new… Detaljnije