Synonyms: Dattier de Beyrouth, Bolgar, Datteltraube, Dattier, Raisin de Contantinopole, Regina, Razaki, Rozaki, Rosaki, Hafi ali, Karaburnu, Allepo, Stamboleze, Waltham cross.

The Afus Ali grape variety origin is from Asia Minor. She is known all over the world. It is mostly grown in Italy, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Macedonia… An excellent table variety for eating.



Stablo The variety is very vigorous.
Oprašivanje Self-fertile
Sazrevanje III epoch (second half of September, October)
Plod The cluster is very large, 300-400 g, loose, usually branched or medium compact. The berries are large, elongated.
Ukus The skin is yellowish-green in color, and when fully ripe, amber-yellow in color. The skin is thick, and the meat is crispy, firm and has an extremely pleasant aroma. It keeps well in the refrigerator.
Podloga Vine grafts we produce on the rootstocks: B X R kober 5bb and B x R kober 5bb Gm 13-45-5